When “pushing through it” isn’t working for you anymore. This is how to rally…

Hey FSS People

Last year, after a whole lot of gigs, travel and hustle, I found myself flattened with mono and some very taxed lungs. I was down for the count. “Making time to heal” became my sole/Soul focus. I had to make some changes.

So, here’s the message I sent to my team. The end of my rope was a beautiful turning point.

. . . . .


So… I’m not turning into a sunbeam of radiant health and hotness as quickly as I’d hoped. This mystery virus BS is testing me in every way. And… I know it will pass and I’ll be stronger than ever. I swear. I’m crazy strong and my creativity is fucking boundless. And (!) my lungs are getting clearer and stronger.

The “pushing through it” approach isn’t working. Like, duh. When I really slowed down over the holidays, the fever subsided and my energy increased. I’m going to make a few tweaks/declarations to help me get through this. I’ve got to call in a few favours for soup delivery, and ask my mom to fold the laundry once in a while. Basic.

So this…

  • Consider me on the clock from 12 noon to 5, Monday – Thursday. I just need that psychic space around expectations. I will definitely check email before and after those times, but the idea is that if I need to sleep ’til 10am, I can do it without guilt. OF COURSE, text, viber, email at all hours. And if you need an answer NOW, just say so.
  • For email subject lines, let’s do this: instead of saying “2 minutes” for me to review, just write when you need an answer, i.e TODAY, TUESDAY, NO RUSH. That’ll help me focus. [Part of this virus stuff is brain fog. It’s real. And really annoying.]
  • I’m going to focus on answering non-creative emails (business ops, media stuff) on Tuesdays. That’ll be my buffer day.
  • I’m going to do more voice memos for my responses. Fun with voice memos! And forgive me in advance if email responses are briefer and have fewer “xo’s.” I’m aiming for super simple.
  • Angie, Vic, Dee… let’s move [X project] to [X month] (please bear in mind Mercury retrograde dates).
  • ON THAT NOTE—let’s REALLY bag the idea of a launch rhythm for [X project]. If y’all want to re-org the launch sched, let me know.
  • Dee, for sure no interviews for a while—but I’m still a yes for [X interview] when they are ready to schedule.

I got this, because we got this.

Love love love,


PS: Creatives & Career lovers! I’ve got an e-list called Hey! FireStarterPeople! I mail 1x a month to fan your entrepreneurial flames. Simple. Hopefully useful. Try it out HERE.


Know someone that needs (to give themselves) a break? Press send.

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When “pushing through it” isn’t working for you anymore. This is how to rally…
The end of your rope may be a beautiful turning point.


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