Your creative highlights and lowlights are your biography.

Your inspired flights and flops, and the art that makes your heart flutter, say more about you than any ol’ resume. Here’s my journey, through inspiration, awe and mustered courage…

* Biggest creative feat ever: born May 25 1969. My mom, a teen-ager at the time, brings me to college with her so she can finish her BA.

* Nursery school teacher reports that I’m very bossy and motherly.

* Age 7. First poem is rejected from curated collection.

* Grade Two. Public speaking contest. I talk about how awesome Eskimos are. (This is subversive retaliation against the kids who teased me for looking like an Eskimo.)

* Draft my first young adult novel. Get criticized by a grown up. Burn draft in the fire pit behind our barn.

* Best part of high school was To Kill A Mocking Bird, by Harper Lee.

* Drop out of Fashion Design school application process when I realize that sewing gives me migraines.

* Work at a Romanian orphanage as a “Department of Social Inventions” project with The Body Shop. First cultural heartbreak.

* Text art by Jenny Holzer. The power of the word is affirmed to me. I am wildly inspired.

* Santa Fe, New Mexico. I learn to worship the night sky (while running my communications & marketing company by day.) I see Leonard Cohen at the Paolo Solari — religious experience.

* I discover Rothko. I commit to having more patience with my art.

* Jane Campion’s The Piano, and Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ Women Who Run with the Wolves — I am beginning to consider what it means to be free.

* Psychedelics in San Francisco while helping authors self-publish. Rilke, Rumi, Jim Morrison’s American Prayer fill my nights.

* Dharamsala, India for a private meeting with the Dalai Lama. Soul satisfied.

* Resign as the executive director of a DC-based future-studies think tank. I realize I’m more interested in the present.

* Rejected from art school.

* Vancouver 2004. Give birth to my son at home. Realize that if I’m going to tell him to go after his dreams, I better fully go after mine. I have no idea what it will mean, but I commit to live my life as an artist.

* Co-found a lifestyle media company. Write Style Statement: Live By Your Own Design. Raise a bunch of capital. Oprah producers call. First well-paid speaking gig.

* Make one of those Top 40 under 40 lists, which just adds to my complex that there’s so much more to do before I die.

* I discover Jaluddin Krishnamurti and feel so fucking liberated by his viewpoints that I ease up on my to do list (kinda), and realize that all I’ve ever wanted is freedom.

* Speaking of freedom…in a coup d’etat, I’m fired from my own incorporation. And then it hits me: creative sovereignty rocks.

* Launch — later re-named — visit sixteen cities in one year to do group “Fire Starter Sessions”. Come home full of great stories.

* 2009. Launch digital edition of The Fire Starter Sessions.

* Alexander McQueen Exhibit at The Met. Decide that I want to write like McQueen designed clothing: light. dark. light.

* First spoken word piece to a live audience.

* November 2011. Launch Your Big Beautiful Book Plan.

* April 2012. Revise and launch The Fire Starter Sessions in print, e-book and audio with Random House/Crown!

* The Dinner Series in NYC with James Victore & Co.; Alighiero Fabrizio Boetti at the MOMA; Matisyahu, Spark Seekers.

* Resist urges to shave my head and burn everything I’ve ever made.

* November 2012… major re-design, which makes way for:THE DESIRE MAP.

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