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Your pleasure is your power… here’s how to get there, a few hours at a time.

FreeandClear.2018_Email.Week6.HeaderDo less of what you don’t like to do, and more of what you love.

That’s it. A zillion self-help books (mine included) can be summed up in that simple direction.

Less heavy, more Light. Less drama, more calm. Less “should”, more shine. More pleasure


When you’re in your pleasure you think more clearly, you’re more efficient, you’re most certainly more creative, and you’re more loving. Your pleasure states are good for your immune system. Mmmhmm.

It can be really difficult to make pleasure a priority when we’ve got so many ingrained habits based on distraction (numbing out) and performance (pleasing others). For a lot of us, choosing pleasure would be a major life turnaround. I get it.

So, for inspiration I’ll say this: A WHOLE AND JUICY LIFE (not without its pain and trials, but still—so abundant and REAL)… Or a life half-lived. In grey. Trapped in Pleasantville. This is where pleasure defines your life on the planet. Choose it. Choose it in micro bits and sweeping moves. But first, let’s imagine it and then go from there.

In the book Ask and It Is Given, Abraham-Hicks suggests a beautiful exercise whereby you envision your ideal twelve hours. I’m adding another layer to this, so that we envision an ideal “Home Day” (a slightly more down-to-earth scenario) and an ideal “Away Day” (a more fantastical scenario). This is an exercise I do for myself about once a year (and I wrote about it in The Fire Starter Sessions).FreeandClear.2018_Email.Week6.Worksheet

It’s important to imagine both a doable day and a fantastical day because we want to create images for ourselves that feel resonant and reachable, AND we want to loosen up some bigger possibility-thinking.

Naturally, the whole point of this “ideal 12 hours exercise” is to actually create those ideal twelve hours—or as close to it, even if it’s just fifteen minutes, as frequently as possible until that idealism becomes your lifestyle. Day to day makes up a lifetime. Your pleasure is your power.

Download your PRIORITIZING PLEASURE worksheet HERE.

Let’s jam on this together TOMORROW: Wednesday, November 14, on the @desiremap Instagram at 12pm PST | 3pm EST. We’ll get into pain motivation vs. pleasure motivation, leaving you inspired to let your pleasure guide your choices as get you closer to… Free & Clear.


Thank you. This is the final Free & Clear module. I’ve really, really loved doing this with you.

I didn’t see it when I first created this project, but after I laid everything out it was obvious: these questions and exercises are what you should do before you jump into Desire Mapping. You clear the space and give yourself permission to move into your Core Desired Feelings. I made a prequel. Surprise.

All things Desire Map live HERE. And The Desire Map Day Planner (which I think is the best tool for staying free and clear) lives HERE.

To all that we can be, when we’re free and clear.

Blessings, blessings, love, and more blessings,






Before you go…
One last Spotify Playlist: NOT SO GUILTY PLEASURES

  • Loving You, Paolo Nutini
  • Wake Up In Paris, The Hot Sardines
  • 32 Flavors, Ani Difranco
  • Everything She Wants, Wham
  • I’ll Take You There, Mavis Staples
  • Back To Life, Soul II Soul
  • Lose Yourself to Dance, Daft Punk
  • Beloved (Thievery Corporation remix), Anoushka Shankar



PS: Light them up: send this to a friend who needs s’more shine.

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Less heavy, more Light. Less drama, more calm. Less “should”, more shine.
Do less of what you don’t like to do, and more of what you love.


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Want to be a powerful speaker? Meet the master…

Transformational Speaking

Maybe you’re an introvert with a message. You’ve heard the call to speak, but playing the “extrovert” feels inauthentic. You may already be an active speaker, but your last few gigs or presentations could have used some oomph, that (sometimes) elusive fire.

You want to embody your whole spirit on stage—that presence that has a positive effect on people.

This woman has led me through the gauntlet with compassion and insight: Gail Larsen, founder of Transformational Speaking™.

When I started working with Gail, I thought I was just going to learn about tempo and delivery, but I got expanded in all sorts of ways. Working with her made me a more powerful public speaker, for sure. But also a better writer and clearer thinker.

The heart of Gail’s work is rooting out the story that your life has prepared you to tell.

This is revolutionary.

If you’ve got a Message to spread, get yourself into Transformational Speaking™—Online! with Gail. You’ll learn from her for 8 months, to hear your story in a new way, and TELL your story in a new way that has the potential to change whoever hears it.

This is what Gail teaches:

  • Module 1: Naming and Claiming Your Original Gifts
  • Module 2: The Soul of Story
  • Module 3: From Information to Transformation: Speaking from Your HomeZone™
  • Module 4: Building Confidence and Connection: The Four Speaking Skills to Carry You Home
  • Module 5: The Core Message and Signature Story that Only You Can Share
  • Module 6: Crafting the Speech You Were Born to Give to the Audience You Are Destined to Serve
  • Module 7: Putting it All Together to Take the Stage

This is everything she includes in her live four-day Transformational Speaking™ Immersions—the ones I’ve attended personally. With Transformational Speaking™—Online!, you’ll have eight months of access to these modules, as well as an action guide, journal, and bonus resources at your convenience. (And you can always download the core materials for permanent access.)

The online program also includes:

  • Live group coaching calls with Gail. Here’s the gold: Gail is a very gifted listener. She’ll exquisitely pull out your signature story, and the whole reason you’re here on the planet… or just the reason you’re here now, to talk to who you want to talk to. (Calls are recorded.)
  • An active private Facebook Community to find partners for your journey, and inspire your consistent action on the Transformational Speaking™ path. Like you, the people in this group are committed to finding and expressing their true selves. You’ll get valuable feedback, plus you’ll gain from each others’ experience and breakthroughs as you dive into your stories and create a new talk.
  • BONUS material on getting yourself booked as a speaker.
  • And if you enroll before Saturday, November 10, 2018: A BONUS 30-minute private coaching session ($250 value) to help you further develop your new talk with Gail’s 1:1 support.

Bottom line: Gail helps you tap the real substance of you and your message. Gail has baked her own work with her own struggles and victories, and that means a lot to me. REGISTER FOR TRANSFORMATIONAL SPEAKING™—ONLINE, HERE!

Come experience her depth in person. Join me + Gail for a free live conversation.

What: Mining Your Gold: Public Speaking with SOUL
When: Today! Monday, November 5 at 12pm PST | 3pm EST
How to watch LIVE on Instagram: On your phone find me @daniellelaporte. Click on the profile photo and join my Live Story.
Catch the REPLAY: When it’s over, you can view it again for up to 24 hours, in the same place!

Ask Gail anything about public speaking. Or just show up with an open heart. And… Gail’s got a special program bonus for everyone who listens in. So tune in LIVE today (or catch the replay).

Speak. Freely.

Danielle LaPorte






PS. Storytellers change the world. Share this.

Want to be a powerful public speaker? Meet the master…
If you’ve got a Message to spread, get yourself into Transformational Speaking™—Online!


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CONSCIOUS gratitude is SMART gratitude—know exactly what you’re grateful for & why.


Gratitude changes your brain chemistry. Proven. Happy brain chemicals mean that you’ve got more clarity and courage. Proven. There are zero downsides to making gratitude part of your wellness practice.

As with all “inner world” practices, we need to apply some intelligence to this. Because sometimes, the How-to, or 7-Steps, or “I’m so thankful” process can create even more illusions and stuckness…


This is an exercise in CONSCIOUS GRATITUDE. Smart gratitude. Discerning gratitude. We’re not going to sugarcoat the tough stuff and automatically say, “There’s a gift in the pain.” Pain is only a gift if you do the emotional and mental work to transform the pain into power. THAT’s the discerning, conscious part.

Conscious gratitude has been one of the most healing and creative practices in my life. It gets me out of my funk EVERY TIME. And it’s the source of a lot of my productivity. Conscious gratitude heals you, it’s generative, and it’s incredibly empowering.

The intention with this Free & Clear exercise is to transform gratitude from a sweet and moderately useful practice, to a life elixir. We’re going to get alchemical.

Here’s an excerpt from my last book, White Hot Truth, about examining and refining our gratitude.


REGARDING SUFFERING: Soul, pain, perspective

What exactly to be grateful for…

I am not grateful for being ousted from a company that I co-founded. I am not grateful for losing $90,000 on a business idea gone south. I am not thankful for the Spirit-crushing ramifications of one particular relationship. And I really could have done without that two-year bout of a mystery illness. There have been losses. And trials that wore me down until I begged for a break.

But holy hell, am I profoundly grateful for everything that I learned from those challenges. I’m with Maya Angelou: “Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now.” I would not turn back the clock, or take back one tear, tremor, or dollar. All those moments that I had to quell the adrenaline with the power of my mind, or carry buckets of integrity back from the well when I thought it might be dry—that was some serious training. All those revelations of responsibility! So many illusions that got burned down! The flames that scarred me are the flames that purified and lifted me up—because I gave myself over to the fire, willing to learn, wanting to know. I got down on my knees, peered under the clouds of smoke and fear, and said, “Let me see what’s really going on here.”

And when I thank Life for what those challenges provided me with, I say, Thank you for helping me see clearly. For helping me see where I can grow and how I can get there. Thank you for helping me see where Love is and where fear lurks, and where the Truth has always been.Free and Clear conscious gratitude

There’s no need to be grateful for your hardships and for the perpetrators themselves. Because, remember: the Universe brings you more of what you are grateful for. So be grateful for the Faith and the friends that held you when it all fell apart.

Be grateful that you have the capacity to transform suffering into learning, and brokenness into resilience. Be grateful for your strength to handle the challenge.

Download your CONSCIOUS GRATITUDE worksheet here.


Let’s jam on this together Wednesday, Nov 7, on the @desiremap Instagram at 12pm PST | 3pm EST. We’ll shake up the New Age default attitude of “it’s all good”, so that we can feel experiences more deeply, and then: be clear on exactly why and what we’re grateful for.

Free and Clear conscious gratitude

Instagram: On your phone find @desiremap. Click on the profile photo and join my Live Story. When it’s over, you can view it again for up to 24 hours, in the same place!

Facebook: I’ll be streaming live in the Desire Map Facebook Group. The video will appear at the top of the group page.

CATCH THE REPLAY anytime on @desiremap’s IGTV or in the Desire Map Facebook Group.

Gratitude. Sweet, uplifting, and proven to be good for our brain chemistry.

All Love,






Almost there…
The next Free & Clear installment is the finisher. We will PRIORITIZE PLEASURE. We will put a cherry on top, take a deep and self-satisfied inhale, and feel the sweetness of being clearer than we were a few weeks ago.

Before you go…
Book recos: Anne Lamott’s Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers.

Quick watch: Need a good cry? This #TellThemNow video on expressing gratitude to our fathers will do it for you.

More to say on the topic. My post: When gratitude is harmful.

Tunes: Crank it. And sing your Thank Yous.

  • Thank You, Alanis Morissette
  • Just Like Heaven, Katie Melua
  • Lovely Day, Bill Withers
  • The Luckiest, Ben Folds
  • Love is Here Where I Live, Everything But The Girl
  • Gratitude, Earth, Wind & Fire
  • Ain’t Nobody, Chaka Khan
  • We Found Love, Rihanna
  • Thank You, Michael Franti



PS: Invite your people to give thanks. Press send.

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Gratitude creates more gratitude.
Name 3 things you’re really grateful for.


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