Love yourself more deeply, then pour that love on the world.

Self agency, compassion, and HEART.

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Here I am.

For those of us who believe in the intelligence of Love, and those who are open to considering it. For those of us in pain––from the deeply personal, to the planetary sorrow we can taste. For those of us who have Joy to offer because we are removing obstacles to it––we know that Joy is our original state, that our pleasure empowers us. For those of us interested in a True Reality… where spirituality is way more rock n’ roll than religious, where the heart calls the shots, where we believe it to see it.

For so many of us.

Everything here is meant to lead back to your own heart’s wisdom. Opinions, prose, #Truthbombs, love letters, meditations, sonic sermons, and a few courses on clarity. I write to love. I write to shake shit up so we can see what our options are. I speak because I’m concerned, and euphoric, and feeling blessed, and stressed, and broken open with Love. I write and speak as a way of choosing LIFE.

And I’m using my voice to encourage you to do the same. When it’s hard to trust, choose Faith. When it’s dense with fear, choose Light. When it’s easy to plug your pain with stuff and lies, choose Truth. Where there is division, and blame, and superiority complexes, choose Love.

Freewill is a brilliant cosmological design. You’re your own guru. I’m aiming at your own wisdom.

I don’t have ten steps or a quick fix. Just some very personal learnings that you may resonate with.

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Drop in when you need backup. I’m committed to kindness and being useful—right now. Now, when you’re in the struggle. Now, when your life is good but you know it could be so much better. Now, when you’re longing to take that gorgeous heart of yours and really do something with it in this lifetime.




With Love, Danielle.

A one woman show about self-realization.
I'm here to help turn anxiety into Presence—for living more deeply, but lightening up. These are conversations about self realization, self respect, and self agency… and how we extend that dignity to each other—the collective heart.

Tune in Sundays for a sermon and Thursdays for Q&A—send your Qs and they may inspire an episode! Anything goes. I hope this leaves you feeling a little less alone, full of possibility, and very clearly part of the solution.

Learn more about With, Love Danielle.

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Multimedia encouragement,
in service of your heart intelligence.
Straight talk, poetry, some rockin’ playlists…

I hope you find what you’re looking for.



Here’s what’s current, possible truths, full on encouragement, from my heart to yours. Hopefully, when you need it most.

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My #1’s and some essential B-sides—curated for your inspiration, liberation, and validation.

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