Alleluia, What A F*cking Year (a holiday or anytime prayer)

Grace before meals is a beautiful thing. And… I thought some of us might like to shake it up at our gatherings this year.

I’ve written two prayers for special occasions (I’ll send out the second one soon.) This blessing is not suitable for all ages or dispositions. But if you want to keep it real and aim high, I dare you to pull this out when you gather ’round. Because… what a fucking year.

Bless our togetherness, our causes, our callings.

Bless this mess and all its divine perfection,

.  .  .  .  .

For the love of God,
The truth crusading! The justice making!
The fires, the floods, the impact.
And the undeniable RISING of… us.
For the pain we turned into power,
the bullshit we composted into progress,
for the grace we found in the grit…
give us an ALLELUIA!



For being idealistic, bravely broken hearted, and keeping it Real.
For the times we chose to expand instead of contract;
and for that one time we knew better but we did it anyway—
and we managed to forgive ourselves and clean up the mess…

give us an ALLELUIA!



Sweet Creator, in your reflection we see that
we are so very beautiful and so profoundly good.
We’re amazing.
We’re kind of crazy, not always clear, and a bit desperate some days,
but we keep showing up, hearts on sleeves and hopes in hand.

give us an ALLELUIA!



For the nourishment we give,
and the nourishment we receive
we give thanks!

Bless our togetherness, our causes, our callings.
Bless this mess and all its divine perfection.
For hope, for the deep joy,
for everything and absolutely all of it…

give us an ALLELUIA!



Print out this mini poster (it’s free). Pin it by your desk, frame it on your dresser, fold it into your planner. And then…use it. Whisper it to yourself, say it out loud with your hands on your heart. Whatever feels most real and powerful.


PS. Inspire your rellies and dinner hosts to bring on the blessings. (And let us know how grace goes this year!) Press share.

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“Bless this mess and all its divine perfection”—a prayer to close out 2019
Alleluia, What A F*cking Year (a holiday or anytime prayer)


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Light & Resilience (a holiday or anytime prayer)

May the sweetness of this moment
radiate to all beings everywhere
that we may see the light and resilience we reflect back to one another.

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