My extremely unofficial bio


The good-to-knows, in sequence. Mostly.

  • Writer. Bartender. Fashionista. Apartment complex manager. Publicist. Think tank exec. Entrepreneur. Fire Starter. Mother. Poet. Painter. Desire Mapper. Author. Speaker. Wedding officiate. Professional encourager.

  • In the days when you faxed your press releases, I ran my own communications agency, “promoting visionary people and projects.” I rolled out campaigns for a Nobel Laureate, a few old pop stars, and a lot of self-help authors. I mastered the art of the 30-second pitch.

  • Getting known for promoting futurists and activists led to a gig in Washington, DC as Executive Director of a future-studies think tank. I helped lead a team of big brains and far out friends and we sold white papers to The Pentagon on global trends. Keep in mind that: a) I never went to college. And b) I am Canadian. It was trippy.

  • Moved back to Vancouver, BC to revive the right side of my brain. Got rejected from art school. Started a consultancy for soulful personal branding, and turned that into my first book, Style Statement: Live By Your Own Design (Little, Brown – 2008) Oprah producers called and my then-business partner and I leveraged that into a lot of media coverage and investment interest.

  • I got canned from my incorporation in a coup d’état and clash of wills. (Three months after they axed me, they folded up shop.) I started offering one-on-one jams for entrepreneurs that soon became $1000/hour sessions and a sixteen-city road tour. I co-created a successful digital program called Your Big Beautiful Book Plan with Linda Sivertsen, and self-published a digital version of The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms, and a year and a half later (2012) released a much better “real book” with Random House/Crown.

  • A lot of speaking gigs and interviews happened…Texas Women’s Conference, Adobe, Emerging Women…Elle, Vogue Australia, Better Homes & Gardens, Globe & Mail, The National Post, a 30-day series on The Huffington Post, Entertainment Tonight, USA Today, BusinessWeek.com, and a weekly gig as a life/work commentator on the CBC.

  • Meanwhile, a heap of holistic was going on…more psychotherapy, buddhist retreats, meditation and cosmic contemplations, conversations with Lamas and shamans. A lot of green juice went down. I declined offers for my own TV show. (Because who wants to wear Spanx six months of the year?) And I remained intensely focused on saying useful things and growing my platform.

  • The Desire Map is born (January 2013). The Desire Map has sold over 200,000 copies in English alone, with ten translations. We spun off massively successful day planner program and workshop and coaching division. Thanks to 500+ facilitators, a Desire Map workshop happens every week somewhere in the world.

  • On a strategic whim (oxymoron) I launched daily #Truthbombs—handwritten wisdom nuggets. Now it has a big bombin’ subscriber base, an app, a printed deck series, and a jewelry collaboration with Dogeared Jewelry—which has been carried in 70 countries, including Nordstrom’s.

  • I wrote White Hot Truth: Keeping it real on your spiritual path––from one seeker to another, as a testament to spiritual bypassing, New Age antics and the power of self-compassion.

  • My first podcast series, LIGHT WORK hits #1 in it’s category on iTunes. Which was a sweet moment because podcasting is work. I plan to work my pod ass off again soon.

  • Co-created a series of beautiful meditations, which also become a fundraising vehicle for V-Day and charity: water.

  • Commune becomes my extended home for The Desire Map Course and so much more. Feels like a family affair.