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B-School Praise: Laura Aiisha Haykel

As you already know.. Danielle LaPorte & Marie Forleo are the Bomb~Frickin'~Diggity! So when I heard that Danielle was offering a B-School goodie bag overflowing with her most delicious soul inspiring programs (in print, audio, visual know how she do!!) I jumped at the chance to UP my entrepreneurial game by joining B-School and get my desire fire ignited all in one fell swoop! Here's the thing, life is short and the time is now...taking this action last year has forever changed my life. Giving thanks!

Laura Aiisha Haykel

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B-School Praise: Madeleine Mary

After signing up to B-School through Danielle LaPorte in 2013, I am living my life with purpose and making money from the creative lifestyle I have created... Thank you to two seriously inspirational women.

Madeleine Mary

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B-SchoolAngie Wheeler
B-School Praise: Jaena Moynihan

There's no better way to go into B-School than with FIRE and DESIRE. Danielle's bonus materials blew me away and really cranked up the excitement and energy for me. When combined with B-School, it all cemented a major transformation in my Business AND Life.

Jaena Moynihan, B-School Alumni

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B-School Praise: Susana Frioni

I invested in B-School because I wanted to learn from someone who was already making money online and really knew what they were talking about. Thanks to Marie and B-School, I realized that with just a few tools, the crazy ideas in my head were actually easy to create. Implementing just a few key strategies helped me generate money instantly.And the community of B-Schoolers was another huge benefit. Connecting with like-minded women who were so driven and actually understood online marketing – we spoke the same language! – was so encouraging. Priceless. If you’re thinking about it, DO it. You will earn back your B-School investment ten-fold.

Susana Frioni,

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