3 conversations on fear wrangling, entrepreneuring your life, and as always, love

I’m in the lull time between Christmas and New Year’s. That time when it’d be nice if we just all sat by the fire eating cookies, plumping up and getting sugar-stoned before Kris Carr’s 21 Day Cleanse — which I will be ON.

Some really hot things will be happening here in 2012. Until then, here’s a whole lotta me with some of my favorite people.

In the following interviews with you will hear me talk about fear of failure (mine) and my theory on desire with the ever radiant, Kate Northrup. And then Tanya Geisler (who is geyser-like in her energy and love), gets me to talk about dealing with my saboteurs (and yours). And then the smart n’ down-to-earth radio host, Koren Motekaitis gets me going on the utility of fear.

It may sound like a lot of fear-ful-ness, but it’s really about doing a whole lot of shine-ful-ness. And getting off your fat fears to rise to the occasion of your life. So tune in, please.

I’ll see you in 2012. So soon. And it will be hotter than ever. I promise.

Om Shanti,


Great Q’s + Uncontrollable Giggles, Glimpse TV with Kate Northrup. VIDEO. CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

Thing Finding with Tanya Geisler. VIDEO. CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

How She Really Does It With Koren Motekaitis. RADIO. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

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