3 minutes to change your life


Loves, get your hearts in gear…

Tomorrow we launch my first IGTV series (no, wait: D-TV series). Announcing… Desire Map for Living! Eight episodes to teach you eight practices for generating joy—and using that power to be of service.

I’m excited.

These exercises are born of my own life lessons. Mindshifts, heart-centering, gratitude, grounding… They’re for cutting through the fog to clarity. They’re for easing pain. And building on joy.

Each exercise is simple and short, filmed in partnership with Commune (best co-creatives ever). The eps will live @daniellelaporte for the foreseeable future so you can come back to them whenever you need encouragement.

Tomorrow’s the day! Desire TV on my IGTV @daniellelaporte. Did I say that I’m excited? I’m excited. Hug you there.

True Love,

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PS. Tomorrow is also your last day to watch The HEART-CENTERING Practice webinar. For choosing grace, when things feel gritty. Register for a time that works for you here.