Always wanting more? The upside of being insatiable.

You will meet the person of your dreams. You will hit your sales targets. You will get the gig.

And ... you will want more. Deeper love. Greater profit. Further reach. Always wanting more.

And you will get it.

And ... you will want more.

The new experience, the higher high, the next idea, the twist, the challenge. More.

Wanting more does not make you needy or unpleaseable. (Well maybe you are, but I'm here to speak to your whole Soul...) You're not vacuous, or rapacious, or overly greedy. You're not driven by hungry ghosts, or the hole in your heart.

You're a Creator.

If you're on your creative edge, you will continuously want more. T W E E T

True desire is full ... and insatiable. She is appreciative ... and ceaseless. She is present ... and she sees possibility everywhere.

This is the divine paradox of intentional creating: You'll love what you've got with all your heart today, and you will be ready for more tomorrow. And the next day.

Divine dissatisfaction. Always and forever ... more.