Less plastic. More mindfulness. An Earth Day #Truthbomb


We're choking our bodies and the planet with plastic, chemicals and gross over-consumption. She's struggling under our neglect and greed.

Quantum changes in how we buy, do business, and live are what's called for—a boldness of love and respect. T W E E T

It's overwhelming because...it's overwhelming.

Start with plastic—because it's everywhere (Americans alone go through 88,000 TONS of plastic a year—and that's just a small part of the planet's yearly plastic consumption). Wastage gags oceans, animals and landfills. Production of plastic sucks lots of oil. Usage of plastic affects hormones and body systems. It's a mess. Watch this Jeff Bridges video from the The Plastic Pollution Coalition. Or the 17 minute mini documentary featuring Pharrell on SOLUTIONS for the plastic plague like … “bionic yarn.”

Get educated and then make some good decisions at the grocery store and in your home...your life...the planet's life...our lives.

For our Earth, I give thanks,


You can become a member of or donate a few dollars or more to The Plastic Pollution Coalition to help them do their good work in the world: DONATE HERE. And follow The Plastic Pollution Coalition on...

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