August Roundup: Joy, Innovation, Friends, Freedom & Forgiveness... Celebrating a Revolution

We need to know about your joy. (And other conversations of fulfillment.)
Do you feel so utterly blessed at times that it blows your mind? Ya? Tell us about it. Please. Even if you have to stretch to find the one golden thing in your existence right now, accentuate that. And give it to us.

A few guidelines for innovating
Be aware of how creative decisions feel in your body. Believe that even tho’ the same story has been told, you can tell it in a unique and useful way. Believe that self-expression is a form of service.

The story of Freddy & the iPhone — and 4 questions for Creatives
What have you got in your archive that can be turned into art today? We’re so occupied with creating new and innovative that we can forget our past experiments or the ideas whose time hasn’t come yet. Remember that one idea you had…? Dust it off now and see if it’s got some glimmer to it.

Your friends, your freedom, and getting off your ass for Love
Not-quite-living is an epidemic. We know this. Life is fostered in devotion — to your craft, your god, to your friends.

How I revolutionized my relationship to “doing”: Meet The Divine Medicine Woman & The Impeccable Street Sweeper
When I am at my finest, I am “Divine Medicine Woman.” When I’m not, I’m the “Impeccable Street Sweeper.” These aren’t my tribal names, or monikers given to me from a guru. They’re even better. They’re the “Ways of Being” that my “Integral Revolution” coaching program with Chela Davison unearthed. And they profoundly changed the way I “be” in my world.

What if forgiveness isn’t about forgiving? Thoughts on consciously relating to people who have hurt you.
I’m not that into forgiveness. (Stay with me, this all gets back to love and liberation.) These days, I’m more into acceptance and conscious relating. Forgiveness is very tricky stuff. And I try to avoid the concept of it altogether. (Stay with me, I’m actually a very forgiving person.)

How have you changed? Celebrating your evolution.
Acknowledging your growth fosters more growth. It’s especially nourishing for those of us who drive ourselves so hard to be whatever we’re striving to be. Pull over to the side of your journey and look at how far you’ve come. How have you changed? Celebrating your evolution.


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