The Book Club Guide is ready! Desire Mappers...UNITE!

Ready your hearts! Take your vitamins! The Desire Map World's Biggest Book Club is about to commence! Virtual, in person, in bookstores, on Skype -- may we gather with high intentions and great questions...

Here's your book club checklist:

  • Review and print the leader and reader guide for yourself (both available here).

  • Email your group to remind them about the upcoming meeting and make sure they have a printed copy of the reader guide (here is a template!)

  • If you're not meeting in your home, call your local meeting place to make a final confirmation of your meeting time and any final details

Get the reader guide and the videos for your book club meeting(s) here.

If you have any final questions, please review the updated FAQ or email us at

Let us know how it rolls out. Hashtag: #DesireMap.

Be bright, be yourselves, and be on time!

I am sending love and deepest appreciation,