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Cheap easy. Quality easy. And The Myth of Endurance.

What would your life be like if you only did what was easy? It’s almost unsettling to go there, isn’t it? When I use to try to answer that question for myself I'd squirm a bit. Lazy dilettante. As if. What would I do with all that extra time I’d have if I just did the easy stuff? Hmmm . . . maybe I’d have more time to enjoy what I’ve got and to get more of what I want. Maybe things would be . . . easier...

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Destroy before you create. So scary. Sooo effective.

Half truths piled on top of half truths do not add up to the whole truth. tweet It’s a just a heap of “not-quite-there-ness.” Grey. Cluttery. If you want satisfaction you have to do the good, hard work of burning down the little lies and resistances. Tear it DOWN.

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Coming out of the closet about following your intuition

We work so courageously to hear and heed our intuition, and yet sometimes we lie about following it. We make up "reasons" for our choice that sound more logical and acceptable.

A hunch can be hard to justify to others when the hunch is telling you to choose something other than them.

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Come on, get app-y. Team D’s favourite apps for work & play.

Team D rocks -- we're consistently kind and laser-focused (except when we're not, which is usually for some divine, as-yet-unknown reason). We all LOVE making stuff, our animals, the right font kerning, and good music. Our creativity and productivity flow has got to be A+ to back up our dreams. Here's a roundup of our favourite apps for work and play...

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The courage to hit "publish." Book Power Hour MP3 is all here.

We had 2600+ register for the Book Planning Power Hour with Linda Sivertsen and me. We Q&A'd about publishing, ebooks v. print, how to go from 60 subscribers to thousands, and finding an agent that gets you. The questions and live chat overflowed with literary passion...

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