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You do not need to feel “worthy” of what you want in order to manifest it.

Manifestation is a technology. And like all technologies, I pray we’ll use it appropriately: to generate more loving realities for ourselves and each other. All the material stuff can be fun, and we deserve comfort and ease—without question. But let’s get on with manifesting fresh air, and clean water, and relationships that nourish and heal. And on the way to doing that, self-worth will unfold. We will be manifesting love.

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How present can you be to “negative” feelings?

“Negative” feelings are part of the human experience. There’s no plainer or profound way to put that. To deny the negative feelings is to resist the power of our presence—we miss out on LIFE. Pushing away the darkness can be a precursor to numbing out and all kinds of addiction. We have to lean in, embrace it, even.

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Naked prayer.

I’ve always prayed. To heal. To have. I pray for people I love and people I have a hard time liking. I’ve sat in prayer circles petitioning rain and for someone’s cancer to dissolve. I know dozens of prayers from various faiths. I’ve published prayers. Danced them. Sang them. Sweat them. In reverence, in shock, in exquisite thanks.

I pray differently now.

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You will be called on to expand. And this is why we practice.

I travelled to Dharamshala, India with six friends to meet with The Dalai Lama. It was cell-altering and heart-expanding. The week before our arrival, there had been a horrible event in which some monks were murdered — most shockingly, by other monks. The story was on everyone’s mind and in our small, private meeting with His Holiness, the first thing we did was offer our condolences. His response captivated me...

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