Crazy Sexy Kitchen ... Revolution time.

{Suitcase pic: I just came home from NYC with some great new boots, and a hand-delivered copy of Crazy Sexy KITCHEN!}

When it came out two years ago, I bought fifteen copies of Kris Carr's last book, Crazy Sexy Diet for all of my girlfriends (and even my dad). It changed the way I live: to a plant-focused, anti-inflammatory, more food-consciousness lifestyle. I got a Vitamix for making daily green smoothies, I got a trampoline (for real), we went fully organic, and I started treating my bod' more like a God Pod.

And now Kris has delivered Crazy Sexy KITCHEN. And it will change the way we cook in our home: more intentional, even more greens, more light, and more flavah! When I got my hands on a copy, I texted Kris and said: "Got it! So smart and CRAZY GORGEOUS. Bet this becomes a classic."

As Kris says, "Change your plate, change your fate." I'm committed to doing my small part in fueling a plant-empowered revolution. So...

Get your copy of Crazy Sexy Kitchen.

And! If you haven't done so already, head to this page on for even more of her crazy, sexy goodness.