Creating freedom, ditching boundaries & tracking your integrity: January Roundup

What's holding you back? What's keeping you stuck at square one? What's blockading your greatness? What's turning you in circles?

Getting practical about miracles: In Conversation with Gabrielle Bernstein. In this 15 minute interview, we discussed the miracle mindset response to anger, overwhelm, loneliness and the practicalities of forgiveness.

Curatives for judgement. (Please read before you interact with other humans.) The Mantra of Practical Compassion: “You just never know.”

How To Give Good Interview: Suit Up. Own It. Be Gracious. Know who you're talking to... Never give an interview on an empty stomach... Take your mission to heart and turn every question into an opportunity to say what you came to say.

Tracking your integrity (Because reliability is damn sexy.). The power of your word is in direct proportion to your self awareness.

Jump off the bridge. In the alley of my psyche I'm a whore for synchronicity.

The myth about following your intuition. Following your intuition ain’t always an act of grace — it can be a total grind.

Want to bring out the best in people? Ask how they want to feel. “Can you imagine if more companies started tuning into their employees’ feelings?” Kris Carr is asking. I can imagine it! It’d be revolutionary. Read about how Kris is using The Desire Map to help lead her crazy, sexy team.

55 inspirational quotes on desire & making it happen. How did the rose ever open its heart and give to this world all of its beauty? It felt the encouragement of Light against its being; otherwise we all remain too frightened. —Hafiz

Bag your Boundaries. I respect boundaries, of course. All good n’ wise. But the off-the-bat slam down of boundaries = major bug factor.

Money talk. 60 minutes of Richness + Desire with Smart Cookies. What is your relationship to money? Do you tell yourself that It’ll be worth it when you get there, so you keep on grinding and cranking and enduring? How’s that working for ya? I’ve got some big opinions on this subject. Listen in.