The credo for making it happen. And flame-fanning (and free) audios and posters.

In celebration of the release of The Fire Starter Sessions paperback edition, here are some multimedia motivationals. (For best results, watch every morning, before big meetings, when you’re about to make the big leap, when in doubt, when your faith needs to be fuelled, and when you need someone to say, “You got this.”)

A Credo for Making it Happen

Entrepreneur hearts, you need this. A Credo for Making it Happen. T W E E T

Want this in a visual? Here's the digital poster of The Credo.

Thanks to Bernadette Jiwa and Sian Richardson, creators of Striking Truths, who inked up Credo for Making It Happen into this poster.

Download the poster HERE.

Make the fire go higher! More gifts:

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