Daily Desire Integration. A practical how-to on generating your CDFs.


Here's an uber practical how-to and pep talk about generating your core desired feelings. In this audio I talk about:

  • That guilty feeling associated with pursuing your desires. (It's the price of admission to fulfillment.)

  • Getting off track from your practice -- should you keep trying, even when you're sad and deflated, or wait until you feel more energized?

  • Ideas for gentle, almost-micro actions you can take to generate your most desired feeling states.

  • The difference between "generative feelings" and "reactive feelings."

Going to the center of your sadness helps it dissipate sooner. T W E E T

Where there is desire, there is the power to fulfill that desire. T W E E T

Compassion & motivation in one place. New AUDIO from @DanielleLaPorte T W E E T