[VIDEO] Deep creativity and the jitters. Feel the doubt...and be of service anyway.

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I’m writing my next book, it will be done within the month, and even though I am the MOST excited about this book, I’ve also been seeing my own doubt (read: vulnerability) come out in the creative process.

I thought my clarity and creative heat would eclipse any jitters about my worth as a Creative or the content itself. But, alas, as I re-learn with every major project: doubt and deep making are a tag team.

I’ve been analyzing why and when doubt surfaces. In this video from my stairs, I roll out:

  • What all of Oprah’s interviewees have in common

  • Why doubt is part of meaningful creative processes

  • How to create communion and intimacy when telling your own story

  • The main message of my forthcoming book

  • Why I honour and, actually, seek out polarization

Your creativity cheerleader, doubts and all,

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Feel the doubt, and choose to be of service anyway.

Creativity and self-doubt — they’re a tag team.

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Photo credit: Catherine Just