Doing shit just to please your parents, Bowie & Beck, potentiality addicts & always wanting more: March roundup

I can’t help you. Not really. No matter how much insight or sweat I give, the effects of my giving are not my call to make. I have nothing to do with someone receiving my love — it’s the choice of the loved.

11 Flexible Truths on Creating Great Work, as inspired by Bowie & Beck. Command. If you’re in charge, then bloody well be in charge. Give direction. We look to the master. We rise to the call. Sound it.

You will be called on to expand. And this is why we practice. I travelled to Dharamshala, India with six friends to meet with The Dalai Lama. It was cell-altering and heart-expanding.

Always wanting more? The upside of being insatiable. If you’re on your creative edge, you will continuously want more. True desire is full … and insatiable.

This poem is not about you.

Do not do shit just to please your parents. In fact, do not pursue anything in order to please someone else. Ever. The excruciating regret of which I speak is an epidemic, of course. We know this. It’s been happening for all of time, and it probably always will. Pleasing. Others. At the cost of our vitality.

Are you addicted to potential? My Name is Danielle, and I am a recovering potentiality addict.