dream funerals, energy leaks + the god of uncertainty : september's white hot round-up

: find a new target for your long-unfulfilled dreams: a love story.
Ready for some primal wisdom? Even destiny has an expiry date. And if you’ve spent an eternity trying to wish, hammer, hope, push and ploy things into form, maybe it’s time to point your dream in another direction. Take your longing, and FACE FORWARD…

: how i kicked my time management habit and became exceedingly more productive, profitable and thrilled
Time management systems are tricky beasts. They may help us be more productive, but not necessarily less stressed, or more fulfilled, or more in touch with our true nature. It takes courage to fly without a to-do list. But which would you rather be: FULFILLED or OBEDIENT?

: get immediate relief: energy leaks + enlightenment
We’ve heard it before: “don’t sweat the small stuff–and it’s ALL small stuff.” I’m all for perspective shake-ups, but I’ve got a different spin: god + mastery are in the details, so FIX the small stuff. Repair the energy leaks in your life. And GET IMMEDIATE RELIEF…

: go out of your way to be uncertain
You can never, ever be fully certain of how you’re going to breakthrough. Or when your muse might decide to bless you with an awesome idea. This is unnerving, and sometimes terrifying–and this is the place where great things come from. Uncertainty is not just useful–IT’S MANDATORY…

: getting to good ideas
Charlie Gilkey recently asked me how I get to good ideas. My answer: search for the WHY behind the WHAT. And when you excavate the “how come?” behind other people’s choices, you get life lessons, warning flags + crucial reminders, all rolled into one. Ask for more. And BE RELENTLESS…

you’re mightier than any predictions, star charts or omens. beam on.