focus, failure, assumption antidotes + surprise success: january roundup

Here’s how we kicked off 2012:

How to love the inevitable pain of getting focused. It hurts so good: Focus is a key ingredient of success. Duh. But if it was simple, everyone would be doing it, right? Choosing the object of your laser-beam attention is the hard part. FOCUSING CAN BE PAINFUL. MAKE YOUR CHOICES.

10 antidotes to assumptions + the dark beauty of internships: I sent out an email looking for a free intern and… holy fire alarms. Responses all across the spectrum, from eager anticipations to fiery accusations. My take-away from all this: ASSUMPTIONS KILL COURAGE AND CREATIVITY.

The subtle & abiding sense of failure angel. Know her?: It doesn’t matter how successful you are, who’s sung your praises or what trophies line your mantelpiece… if you’re committed to the sacred strive, a subtle & abiding sense of failure will always be along for the ride. SHE’S AN ANGEL, I TELL YOU. AN ANGEL.

The “What I Trust List”. Why you need one, and how to do it.: A little trust exercise for the moments between endorphin-amping pep talks and big dream visualizations. Make a list of what’s at your rock solid foundation, that which you are certain of. Feeling comforted is a very, very powerful state of being. That sureness will become a bridge to what’s possible. TRUST NOW.

Love light.
D xo

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