Goals With Soul Video for you ... and other pretty things

The virtual Goals with Soul workshop today was all kinds of wonderful. 13 thousand+ of you signed up. Whatta trip. I'm ... wow'd.

The recording will live on my Facebook page and right here. Tune in any time to watch.


The best place to begin is always with gratitude.

Don't wait until you feel better to do this work. NOW is the time.

You will never arrive. You will never get where you think you're going because Life will always take you in a direction you couldn't have imagined.

Become clear on why you're chasing what you're chasing.

You will feel guilty as you craft the life of your dreams. Guilt is part of being conscious. It's part of being whole. It's part of creative tension.

Clear desires = comfort in moments of pain.

Tune in and start mapping your desires. xoxo

And something pretty for you... some digital desire...

Click on either of these wallpapers to download the correct size for your device.

Praise is rolling in for The Desire Map

Inspiration, innovation, and self-worth are just some of elements that Danielle LaPorte will fill you up with. The Desire Map … discusses how to make your dreams and goals come true in a realistic way. … guaranteed to wow you. – BeliefNet.com

I LOVE IT (I just started). The private portal is state of the art and just amazing. The cost is much less than most of classes that I take during the year for my business (and you can do 3 payments!) Danielle gets right down to the heart of the matter and that resonates with the type of person that I am. If you love Fire Starter Sessions then this will speak to you! - Sabrina Espinal | SabrinaCompany.com

Most of us are so busy planning that we forget what we’re planning for. You’ve ignited a reverence for our desires in a way that brings meaning back to our daily actions. The Desire Map is a life-changer. - Nisha Moodley | FierceFabulousFree.com