I always wanted to have a near death experience

... something that wasn't too terrifying or disabling.
Quick recovery.
Just enough death to get me to the Tunnel of Light.
And I'd come back with information for humankind.
Or a supernatural talent.
like Xray vision or complete faith.

But ... no near death experience.
Never been struck by lightning.
No Guru has picked me out of the crowd.
Never heard a Voice.
and I don't see dead people (except for that one time).

So enlightenment is left to the machinations of my day to day.
Singing kettle, humming boy, hummingbird feeder.
Hungry belly, hungry heart, hungry guy on the corner of 1st & Commercial.
Rice with friends, love notes in earnest, rapture at the market.

Veins in my heart, tunnels of choices,
each leading to the Light