I can't help you. Not really.

I'm committed to doing what I can this lifetime to alleviate suffering. I'm here to be helpful.

I pray to be useful.

And... I don't believe that I can really help anyone. Not really. This isn't a sad song, I'm not drawing the blinds or wearing all black. To the contrary -- this is an anthem of clarity and empowerment. I feel freer than ever to give all that I've got to give. Because I believe that...

No matter how much insight or sweat I give, the effects of my giving are not my call to make. I have nothing to do with someone receiving my love -- it's the choice of the loved. If someone runs with my idea, or is moved, or takes my suggestion and turns it all around -- that's because of their readiness and wisdom, not mine.

It's not for me to say if the people I advise are winning or losing. I don't know the inner machinations of their Soul. I cannot say if their choices are dharmic or karmic, wisdom or sabotage. What looks like a mistake to me could be the rightest action of their Soul's unfolding. What looks like suffering could be a lifetime of enlightenment. What looks like quitting today could lead to their greatest victory tomorrow.

When you are being of service to other people, you need to leave a lot of room for mystery. T W E E T

Give, unrestrained. Assume nothing.

I can't help you. Not really. I can only show up with a bright heart and hope that I get you at the right micro-moment with the perfect dose of light that helps you see what you already know.