Conscious career-generators! I’m starting something new. For you.

Creatives! Mindful humans doing business! Conscious career-generators!

I write on my site mostly about consciousness and generally, how not to suck at being a loving person. But I still have a lot to talk about in terms of entrepreneurship and social responsibility. And my team is full of how-to’s and who-to’s.

So, I’m starting Hey, Fire Starter People! It’s simple and lite, intended to help you shine at doing good work. You’ll get two brief emails a month. One is philosophical perspective for getting clear and staying determined. And the other monthly missive features a product, service, or how-to (from the people we turn to), and things we use to run our business — our first-hand experience.

Try it out HERE. And meet other Fire Starter People in The Fire Starter Sessions Facebook GroupThere’s good work to be done. The world needs more people shining, and if we can do that more efficiently, all the better!

To your heart and your smarts,


PS: Light it up. Invite your Tribe. Just press forward. xo

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Creatives! Mindful humans doing business! Have you checked out Danielle LaPorte's newest?

For my heart and my smarts, just joined Danielle LaPorte's Hey Fire Starter People! Check it!

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