The inevitable panic that sets in when you let go of expectations. (And why it's good.)

Expectations. Hot subject. Letting go of expectations. Raising your expectations. Meeting expectations. … failing to meet expectations. Not so great, expectations.


The A SIDE: You have to want what you want with all your heart. REALLY want it! Squeeze it. Don't apologize for the ferocity of it. Declare it. Ask for it. Pray for it. The energy of your desire increases it’s potentiality and magnetism.

Your expectations affect your reality. Expect the best. T W E E T

THE FLIPSIDE: Here comes the paradox… Don't be attached to how your desires show up, or how your expectations get met. It goes like this: Desire...Let go. Expect... Trust. And the “let go” and “trust” parts? Those can be big panic-inducers.


It's incredibly hard to NOT have expectations. And it can be excruciating to let them go. "What if I don't get it? What if I have to compromise? What if I lose my power in all of this — my…identity, dream, strength.” Panic. For me, the terror of compromise is what grips me the most. I have a type of PTSD from a big past compromise I made in my life, and it’s my regular practice to dissolve that pain, and resume intensely desiring my most gorgeous desires — and letting go and trusting. Everyday.

And here’s why you need to let go and trust:

Excessive expectations block fulfilment. T W E E T

You need space in your life for your fulfilled desires to arrive. And too many expectations and fears clog up that space. The noise of demands interrupts the signal. Your pure desire — your core desired feelings — is a very big magnet. If there are too many filaments of demands and expectations stuck to the magnet, you can’t pull in the big steel that you want. So just amp up the intensity of the desire and give it space to manifest.

It requires (very) intense focus and trust. But focus and trust creates space — for magic to appear.