Longing through destruction to creation. A Spring Love Letter & Soundtrack for you.

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Track List: 1. A Thousand Beautiful Things, Annie Lennox

2. Ramble On, Led Zeppelin

3. Landslide, Antony

4. Song of Good Hope, Glen Hansard

5. Mystery Angel, Xavier Rudd

6. I’m Coming Out, Diana Ross (Integer Bootleg)

7. Price Tag, Jessie J

8. Fire of Freedom, Matisyahu

9. Tightrope, Walk The Moon

Hello, Love.

Licorice tea, crows on my skylight, heart widened with what I know to be true. And on the speakers:

Track 1:A Thousand Beautiful Things, Annie Lennox

Where were we before this Spring? Ah yes, December 2013. We launched The Desire Map, like we launch things: At light speed, with clearly broadcasted promise, and good font treatments. We pulled off what should have been a year-long project in about four months. No regrets, all love, but after that, the whole team needed deep rest. That turned into a 3-month downshift for me. Spring is my comeback party.

Track 2:Ramble On, Led Zeppelin

"Let's just be still and watch where this wants to go," I said to my team. I think of every book/offering as its own being, and I expect that it will show me what it wants. So we backed off of hustling it and just listened. And we heard things like: "This is such a relief." And words like, "heart, soul, more, open, doing it." Relief indeed.

Zen saying: Now that the barn is burnt down, I can see the moon. Mmmhmmm...

Track 3:Landslide, Antony

I don't think it's a cosmic rule that success coincides with challenge, "best of times and worst of times," 'n all that. But there I was ... in NYC, chain-smoking Marlboros, grieving a concluded marriage, being held together by fiercely wise friends, following my longing through the destruction. While …

… my business, our business -- this career happens because of a "we" -- went from lovely to something closer to incredible. I did gigs in 8 cities in about 11 weeks, in between packing boxes. So there I was, crying in hotel rooms, and laughing those Life-is-fucking-amazing-no-matter-what laughs with soul sisters, and then, pinning up my hair and giving it my all on stage, to ovations.

There's a lot to be said for walking through the fire in high heels. You won't burn out. You will burn brighter. T W E E T

And then I looked at the business numbers and it became clear that we were on track for our best year ever. And I realized that I was finally in a place where my career was carrying me. And it felt … natural, finally, to allow my life to carry me. (Much more to come on that phenomenon. I thought I knew what Grace was, but loves, let me tell you, I have a whole new perspective on what faith means now.)

Track 4:Song of Good Hope, Glen Hansard

Track 5:Mystery Angel, Xavier Rudd

Which brings us to this most glorious Spring.

Something else incredible happened during my fiery winter … I had a few new ideas in airport terminals and prayer. Phat phantasmigorical ideas. It felt a bit unjust to be given phat phantasmigorical ideas when my hands were full -- I couldn't act on them, and I'm rather accustomed to idea-decision-LAUNCH. But when I was peeling back my own layers, I stumbled on some seeds that have been waiting a long time for the right conditions to bloom.

(Anyone in the midst of big change, take note: If you excavate one area of your life, you’re going to find diamonds and stones everywhere else. It’s stunning.)

The Desire Map is going to fan out into a gorgeous collection later this year. Books, booklets, journals, day planner system, multimedia usefulness, full range of affordability and depth. It's coming and it's built to last a lifetime. Desire. More.

And we're launching a magazine. A MAGAZINE! I love magazines. Print AND digital. Part lifestyle, part … journal. We're bursting with pantones, paper samples, and profound headlines. Dreamy sigh.

Track 6:I’m Coming Out: Diana Ross (Integer Bootleg)

Track 7:Price Tag, Jessie J

One of my favourite terms in English literature is "pathetic fallacy", when the mood of a story is reflected by the weather in the story. "It was a dark and stormy night…" My personal pathetic fallacy is bright pink, sheer yellow and black rich soil-like -- for I have never felt so in sync with the crackling, certain joy of Spring.

Track 8:Fire of Freedom, Matisyahu

Track 9:Tightrope, Walk The Moon

May the Song of Good Hope* walk with you through everything.

Truest Love,