Sex and cake. Yep. An interview with Tami Simon of Sounds True on Desire.

Tami Simon is one of my favourite Buddhists. And publishers. And women. To find a Buddhist woman who is the founder of a wisdom-based publishing house -- it's sexy divine. And, my good fortune, because Sounds True Publishing helped me get The Desire Map print book into the world, and with their CCO, Nancy White, we produced two audio programs that I'm very proud of: The Desire Map DAILY and The Desire Map EXPERIENCE.

“Tami Simon doesn't suffer fools or floppy New Age gimmicks. I expected that she'd take me to task on the foundational philosophy of desire mapping. And she did.”

And it led to a contemplative look at one's possible cravings for sex and cake. Which I'm always game for (interpret that however you like.)

Please listen in.