Revelling in the comfort of common ground.

Want to get together and have a conversation about consciousness, unfolding your life, fleshing out your potential? Easy. Set a date. Email some friends and get your own Desire Map Book Club in gear.

Virtual clubs are starting to blaze on the phone, Skype, Google Hangouts. Women, and some cool men, committing to get together however they can to get clear on their core desired feelings and truest goals. We also have over 500 "in person" book clubs, in NYC, Maine, Paris, South Africa. Wow.


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Despite being "so freaking nervous" Camille put her heart on her sleeve to gather some power chicks for a Desire Map group. Her email is a great example of the how, the why, and the bright light of setting intentions. I couldn't have said this better myself. So...


An email from Camille to Team Danielle:

Hey guys — this morning I sent out the email below to 13 women from different areas of my life. All powerful ladies in different ways, some from my past, some from my present. I searched for the dangerous minds, not the safe ones - because one of my Core Desired Feelings is BRAVE.

I was so freaking nervous so NOT MY STYLE to do this. I was pretty sure no one would go for it. Ya know what, in less than 2 hours 5 people had confirmed they were in, including a friend from high school that lives 2 hours away. Within 3 hours we had confirmed a day and time....

Because I've chosen to do this in my home I want intimate conversation, comfort, firelight, candles and nourishment I only invited 13. Large enough so there was a safe space to be quiet if a gal just needed to listen and watch, but large enough for diversity and sufficient thunderous roar when the laughter rings out.

I just thought I'd share, because this is all just so beautifully meaningful. Maybe this will be useful to someone else is some way.

With great gratitude,

Dear Friends,

Some of you know that I'm a die-hard disciple of Danielle LaPorte. She hijacked my attention a few years back and I'm still enraptured. What she says (and does) jolts my mind and inspires me, daily.

She published a book called The Desire Map a year or so ago - which I've read and continue to work with. This year she is starting a global Book Club to expand the concept in a way that allows people to experience the process together.

When Danielle decided to do this I was first in line applying to be a Book Club Leader — and ecstatic when I received word that I was accepted.

Unlike other book clubs, this is limited in scope — five consecutive meetings to explore with others what you find and experience. And get a booster shot from the sisterhood if you need one. Since I did the book on my own, the brilliance of having a powerhouse of evolved feminine souls to share it was obvious! How much more could I potentially EXPAND with a the benefit of the intelligence and encouragement of other great hearts/minds?

Here it is: flexible format, many are doing publicly open clubs in bookstores, yoga studios, etc. My desire (operative word) was to collect a group of women from my various areas of involvement, and join together in my home. I have a little library with a fireplace and comfy chairs. Each of you is crazy busy (one of the reasons I adore you), so I'm going to make this completely stress-free: we have communion (homemade vegetarian soup and salad dinner), with a glass of wine if you like, and we just dive into this material and see how it goes. You just show up! This is about soulful stuff, so no stress on your part to "do" anything but come.

We meet for five weeks every week on a T, W or Thurs (we'll poll those that are "in" on a date works best). All you do is read the book (it's do-able in a single sitting). There is also a workbook, which you take on at your own pace. Everything about this is creative and personal. It's not intellectual, it's soulful. The Goal: Five weeks with this book and each other and we start 2014 with fuel to transform our lives for the better: more satisfying, more joyful, more meaningful — whatever kind of MORE or BETTER is your heart's DESIRE.

The reason I'm so pumped about this book/process is that it turned my way of looking at creating a meaningful and happy life INSIDE OUT. Finally, I am dropping the internal trash talk about not being enough, getting there fast enough, and I'm finding far more meaning in every encounter I have. This book is appropriate for EVERYONE - nothing required but an interest in having your own life be everything you dream of..... There is no religious perspective in the approach - that's your's to add. Whatever you have that's working will expand, and if that's a place calling to be filled, you will fill it.

So - I chose 13 of you to join me. I'll be the match in the kindling: the one that turns the fireplace on, cooks the soup, starts the session in this circle of leaders. I chose you because I sense your great strength and motivation to dig deep and give the best of yourselves to the world. Even if joining the Book Club isn't a fit for you, I encourage you to buy the book and see where it takes you.

Some A's for Q's you might have:

  • You won't get kicked out if you can't make every meeting. If it is helpful, we can record the meeting for those that must be absent. The material isn't linear, so you're not out of the loop if you miss a session.

  • All you have to buy is the book and it ain't much $. DP sells some other tools - you're choice. She also send weekly emails with guidance on the process. I only bought the book and that worked for me.

  • If you join the book club, there is a special website for the club, so you can tap in to club members across the globe.

  • No cost for the meeting - the humble communion meal is my gift to you. If you are inspired to share something, feel free as long as it's not processed food - I want to keep this pure. (wine is pure; potato chips and oreos are not). If you don't want to break bread for any reason, that's fine. If you're on a special diet, bring your own eats.

  • If you have kids and they can entertain themselves in my family room (free use of our TV), they are welcome. We love kids - and having them see YOU in a setting of sharing, exploring, learning, expanding will make their life richer too. Cannot guarantee that an F bomb or two won't fly out of the room... you know how you feel about that.

  • If you know someone else who might enjoy being in the club, let me know. I would like to keep the group at 13 or fewer so everyone has ample time to share and we complete in 2 hours or so.

  • Day: The Book Club officially kicks off on Jan 7th - but I have a biz trip that week. I propose that we choose either Tues, Wed or Thurs: Jan 14-16, Jan 21-23, Jan 28-30, Feb 4-6 or Feb 11-13.

If we want, we can meet periodically after that, either virtually via telecon or in person, to share what we've learned and tap in for support. Or not. We decide.

  • Time: once I get confirmation of who is IN, we'll do a poll for best time.

  • One of you lives a fair distance away. Understand that's a stretch, but you are so amazingly powerful, Maggie, that I need to include you in this: guest room is available. Slumber Party!

  • Very few of you know each other - cross-my-heart you won't feel like an outsider. You are a heroine in my eyes for one reason or another, that's why I want to do this with you. One of things I love doing most is creating great soup, whether its the kind you eat to nourish your body, or conversations stirred up that blow your mind into fascinating stratospheres.

To make this work I need your commitment by Monday January 16. Two of you already told me that you can't wait to start — so we already have 3! Once we know who is in, I'll let everyone know so we can chose a day of the week and time. I have blocked out the dates above on my calendar.

Below is some info from Danielle's site, description in her words.

Doing this gives me the feeling of standing on the edge of a cliff - scared and exhilarated at the same time. The idea of flying with a collection of you to places yet unknown nurtures all four of my Core Desired Feelings.

Love to all!

The Desire Map is more than just a program for goals with Soul—it’s a life philosophy. So your Desire Map gathering will be more than just a “book club.”
A Desire Map group is... a support system-meets-book club. A not-so-secret society in your real-life ‘hood—or your favorite virtual platform. A gathering of seekers, entrepreneurs, 9-to-5’ers, mamas and their men, yogis, hard workers, light lovers... of people with a common purpose: to feel the way you truly want to feel in every area of your life.

The Reader Guide offers a structure for meetings to unfold. It contains suggested discussion questions and homework for each week’s topic:
Meeting 1: Program Overview/Greetings
Meeting 2: Introducing Desire
Meeting 3: Magnetics of Feelings
Meeting 4: Intentions & Goals
Meeting 5: Sincere Effort, Trust & Faith

Camille Cox

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