Life is looking everywhere for you. Get on the radar.

Life is looking for you. Cosmic brigades are scanning the horizon to see who is lighting up. They are looking for hungry hearts, unbridled passion, audacity, courage, RADIANCE -- glimmers of sincerity and daring.

This is how it works: You need to show up to get found.

You send out homing signals to the cosmos by being your true self. T W E E T

Blurt stuff out, send the letter, wear that shirt, dance!, make the song, meditate with your eyes open, do what it takes to feel the way you most want to feel. Make a joyful noise. Jump up and down. Love out loud and say, “Life! I’m here, right over here!"

Then life can see you in the fog of repression, and heaps of unnecessary purchases, and escapism. And scanning, searching, trusting, an angel will see you trying to live your truth and that angel is going to alert the universe: "There! Over there! She's claimed her desires! He’s doing something valiant with his creativity! They’re proud of what they want! She is asking for what she wants with her whole heart. He is speaking UP! So bright, all clear, over there!"

And then legions of helpful forces swoop in to help you make more of what you want to make.

If you tone it down, Life can’t hear you. T W E E T

If you dull your instincts, you camouflage your soul. T W E E T

Life is looking everywhere for you. T W E E T

Live out loud and send up a flare.