My favourite rituals for protection, clarity, grounding, and manifesting...


Warm nights, deep friendships, fires by the lake, and open roads. Summer fed my Soul and I’m ready for a new season of creating.

September is about rising into The New. Here in Canada, that back-to-school energy is packed with possibility, and it’s my favourite time to refresh and set goals + intentions.And that requires some ritual. Rituals to anchor and nourish your intentions.

SO! Here’s a collection of Rituals for Rising—a few practices that carry me through for protection, clarity, grounding and manifesting. Download Rituals for Rising (for free) now.

May we welcome in more Love, supportive energy, and every kind of prosperity. New levels of JOY. I feel it in the center of my heart: blessings will fall like golden leaves… everywhere.

So much Love,


P.S. Manifestation requires clear intention and steady devotion. If you could use some clarity this month—as you create what you want to create—here’s a helpful tool.

Send active blessings for creativity, Love, + prosperity to a good friend. Press share.

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Rituals to anchor and nourish your intentions. Download a lush (and free!) rituals guide from @DanielleLaPorte.

#RitualsforRising—a few practices to carry you through for protection, clarity, grounding and manifesting.

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