How To Create Your Manifesto for Conscious Business. Dissolving envy. B-School 2018. My February Roundup is here!


Team D’s Manifesto for Conscious Business (C’mon and get it)

For the past seven years we’ve operated my company on this strategy: that visibility lifts the ship, that exposure translates into dollars. Land the publicity…magazines, shows, interviews; do the podcasts, run Facebook ads. It works. It got me here. Some of it was a ton of fun. Too much of it was too expensive (time, energy, money). Parts were exhausting.

We turned this into a how-to guide for you. JUICY, ESSENTIAL questions that I think you’ll want to ask yourself, and maybe your team. Manifesto away!

Is this your year? You already know the answer...

It’s time to decide on Marie Forleo’s B-School since registration closes TODAY. I think B-School is critical for every business owner. That’s why I’m giving My Biggest B-School Bonus EVER to anyone who signs up for B-School through me. Check out the full spread here.

3 habits for dissolving envy

  1. Give yourself permission to want what you want.

  2. Wish the best for those youʼre jealous of.

  3. Get your ass in gear.

We are passionate, in pain and POWERFUL. A follow up to the question I posed to you

I asked this question of you a few weeks ago:
What’s the drag in your life? The general pain points.
What do you love, crave, want?
How could I help you with that?
Here’s what the responses confirmed...

Softness ≠ weakness. Be soft...

Love + Radiance is about healing fragmented parts of ourselves. It’s about wholeness. The beauty of wholeness is that your heart opens and your mind gets sharper. This meditation helps me be more tender, but just as opinionated. We confuse softness with weakness, but this practice builds the inner strength that we need in the outer world.

The live class is over, but you can access the DIY practice by getting The Love + Radiance Meditation Kit.