my most highly recommended posse of professionals

After every Fire Starter session, I email out this list of resources. Everyone on this list should be highly paid and world famous. And in case you’re wondering, I don’t get kick backs or referral fees for loving them so much. But I’m hoping some of them will name their next child after me. Or puppy.

two thirty / Paul Jarvis
Master of simplicity and functionality. I’ve built a number of sites with him – each one was a great experience. He’s no shit straight shooter and Word Press master.

S. Joy Studios / Sarah Bray
Great service. Great sense of humor. She’s about to unveil a cool template program that I know will have many a client salivating.

Raised Eyebrow /Lauren Bacon & Emira Mears.
Legendary. Authors of The Boss of You. Focus on progressive business and non-profs. And they have a truly useful blog to boot.

EXCELLENT WRITERS and then some…
Emma Gibson, co-founder of Litmus Studio. Creative. Smart. Killer funny. Does higher level branding work and web design as well.

Pema Teeter. High-minded. Warm hearted. Master creative writer. Also does manuscript and play reviewing.

Lindsey Lewis. Super professional. Holistically hip. Publicity savvy.

Linda Siversten is the Book Mama when it comes to creating great book proposals – she hits all the essentials, and then some.

Nancy ‘Scooter’ McMoneagle, is part scientist, part seer. First class sage. Blows me away every time.

Lianne Raymond is a clear-thinking, strong-hearted, Martha Beck-certified coach. Only works with women.

Awilda Verdejo will help you get your true, strong speaking (or singing) voice flowing. She works over the phone and is the real Diva (as in, sang with Pavarotti, really.)

Navjit Kandola‘s work defies simple description but if you want to refine your consciousness and bust up some old psyche patterning, Navjit’s sessions are very powerful stuff.

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