Love your problems. Empower Women. Define fulfillment for yourself: The October Roundup

Good design is love. And other thoughts on making a Good Life. With Jonathan Fields. We cover a lot of ground -- ambition, systems design, cowboys, and of course... love. Please tune in.

Do you love your problems? Because that would helpful. I’m in the middle of a grinding conversation with publishing collaborators: “If we do A, then B happens, so what if we do X instead?” Brows are furrowed. We’re workin’ this problem like a piece of gum. Silent pauses. We’re thinking… thinking. Arguing our points. It’s tense and kind of wonderful....

Break the law, bag the contract, ignore your lawyer, be yourself. For even the most assured and self-referencing person, legalities and money matters are major character testers. I’ve made my most heart breaking mistakes — and my greatest personal strides in these departments. I’ve caved to advice that didn’t match my conscience, and I’ve crusaded for love when it seemed foolish to be so … trusting… so generous… so transparent.

Be your own dictionary of fulfillment. One feeling. Your world. Go. Dictionary definitions of feminine aren't very exciting, so I'm making up my own. Divine Feminine: Rapturously loving. Fierce compassion. Ruthless discernment and boundary-laying. Curves. Milk. Honey. Inclusivity. Sexing, life-giving, soul healing. Laughter that uplifts cultures. Mother. Moon. Universal heart. Eyes that know. Home. Shakti. Woman. Yes.

We’re officially global. Book Club Leaders have stepped UP! Find your city. Over 500 Desire Map Book Clubs are in formation! From Alberta to Brazil, New York to Vancouver....

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3 habits for dissolving envy.
1. Give yourself permission to want what you want,
2. Wish the best for those youʼre jealous of;
3. Get your ass in gear –- envy is often a call to action.

We’re giving away $20,000. Thank you, Desire Mappers! If you want to heal society, heal the women. They’ll go forth and heal every person, field, classroom, and factory line they touch. We are donating $20,000 to V-Day to help end violence against girls and women....

Magazines, books deals, and time-bending. What’s been happening over here. "THE SHORT VERSION: I got a book deal that changed everything. So, DANIELLE Magazine launches in May 2014. Buh-BAM."