pleasing your woman + bitchin' BBQs - with a little savasana, for good measure : august's white hot round-up

This month, barbecues + road trips framed my reality. I unplugged + recalibrated, and let the newness take root. If I could wave my fairy godmother wand and pour a reminder into everyone’s heart, it would be this: hit the open road, at least once a year. Magic + meaning can rise, when you’re tucked between questionable motel sheets.creativity, the corpse pose + what to do in between projects Creative and work cycles need Savasana — the “corpse pose,” in yoga. This “divine debriefing” is the most under-valued practice in business and busy living. Make time for integration. PAUSE + BE STILL

dude, want to know what will please your woman? Menfolk (and masculine-identified lezzies) — ever wish you had a decoder ring for your woman? Good news. You do. Your secret weapon against the confusion of romance is…your girl’s girlfriend. Make the call. Get the scoop. Now THAT’s romantic

The Bitchin’ BBQ Series I kept it light + bright for summer’s end, with a trio of posts chock full of potentially useful shallowness…on topics I will likely never write about again. Like Voluminous mascara + mint buffing beads. How to look hot in a photo. And 8 things you better keep in mind, if you’re craving permanent inkage. Searing philosophical intellect will resume shortly.

pleasure is a priority. and you know it.

My friend, the inimitable and saucy Mama Gena, founder of the now-famed Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts is offering the Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp.

God, pussy, love, liberation — it’s all part of the goddess program she’s been delivering to hundreds of exuberant followers + fan(atics) for years. GO GET YOURS, SISTER

meditate before you activate.


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