A righteous conclusion about easing up on righteousness…

You can never really know the inner workings of someone else's soul, of their journey, of their karma, or of their dharma, of their deepest story.

Maybe they're learning precisely what they need to learn in this lifetime by going after what they're going after.

Maybe what looks meaningless to you is someone's way of becoming self actualized. T W E E T

Maybe what looks advanced and deep is just spiritual glamour with a good IQ. T W E E T

The city sanitation worker, the head of her class, the rock star, the mom who makes popsicles, the tantrika, the guy with lots of corporate power, working retail, best seller, multi millionaire, perfect skin, natural athlete, addict, trust fund baby, loser, tycoon, always laughing, eternal student, obese, seductress, wild, repressed, human… Maybe they’re struggling with — and getting closer to — getting free, like most of us are, most of the time.

The guy who does picking & packing at the warehouse and goes home to smoke a fatty on his stoop could be an enlightened Bodhidsatva (in fact, I think I know that guy). That yogini who meditates at dawn and can roll off the Sanskrit foundationals… maybe she is running from the kind of anxiety that's best to face.

That someone whom you wish had their shit together who is talking about the same shit again. You know the one. Well maybe she is going so deep with this lesson that she's burning karma for humankind.

So... in righteous conclusion about easing up on righteousness…

Listen with your soul.
Leave space to wonder.
Do your own thing.