How do you set your standards and ethics? With one simple question.

I'll make this backstory short: Someone tried to fuck me over.

It had to do with the troublesome trifecta: trademarks, money, and blatant stupidity.

End of backstory.

So #TeamDanielle had a series of conversations about how to handle the character whom I shall call, Missy Menace (that's generous, I think.) The following logic and facts were floated:

  • Well... Missy Menace started out as a super fan. So MM must have a good heart underneath it all.

  • Maybe it's not intentional. Maybe MM is just truly daft to the law.

  • MM is acting in very poor taste, but maybe MM is trying to work their new "business" muscles.

  • MM is asking for something outlandish, but very sweetly.

We dallied in the grey zone of legalities and loopholes and loving kindness. Is what MM doing truly "unethical"?

Moment of silence. Crew D is a collection of big hearted, sharp minded, no drama mamas. (That is the Holy Awesome Trifecta.) But I could see us drifting from our power source on this one. And then I asked - dramatically of course, because I love a real-time #Truthbomb moment:

"Guys! Would ANYONE on this team ... ever do to someone else ... what Menace tried to do to us?"

"Oh God, NO!" Everyone blurted out. Not a second thought. "Never! No way! Not!"

"Well then -- according to our standards -- this is unethical behaviour." Deeeeclared.

Forget the legal "grey area". Don't be swayed by formalities or policies, or the wild range of cultural moral codes. Look behind the maneuver to see the intent -- and call it for what it is: tacky, nasty, greedy, desperate, vengeful, parasitic, or just plain WRONG. According to who? According to you.

(It's always fear and soul disconnection that creates those bad behaviours. It can help to keep that in your pocket for compassion and clarity -- but this doesn't mean you put up with any more shit.)

When you have to question the sanity of someone's actions, ask yourself "Is this something I would do?" T W E E T

That truth is your compass to what to do next.