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The Why behind my refund policy, and how small acts of kindness can mean so much.

50% of people don’t even open the digital product they purchased. We want mindful folks who really want to be involved with the product offering. And, refunds are exposing in the digital world. It's not like returning a chair that the retailer can re-sell… people HAVE the stuff in their possession and could spread it around if they wanted to. THAT SAID… KINDNESS trumps policy every time.

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Break the law, bag the contract, ignore your lawyer, be yourself

For even the most assured and self-referencing person, legalities and money matters are major character testers. I've made my most heart breaking mistakes—and my greatest personal strides in these departments. I've caved to advice that didn't match my conscience, and I've crusaded for love when it seemed foolish to be so...trusting…so generous…so transparent.

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Launching fire, reframing obligations, high heels, abounding love. The April roundup.

We did it! We launched THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS into the world like a rocket. The reviews are raving and the parties were magic. Hardcover, digital, audio... your FIRE STARTER awaits. Thank you, thank you for fanning these flames. I'll be writing more next week about what's been happening since launch day.

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