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How to wish someone well—in a way that will blow your life wide open.

We’ve all been hurt. Screwed over. Taken for granted. Unseen. And once we untangle our hearts and egos from those painful interactions, sometimes we can still manage to send someone positive vibes.Harm done, but okay. Everyone did their best. Onward. I wish them well. And even though you’d never commune or collaborate with that person ever again, you really mean it...

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the goddess of grief: getting to the other side. (and there is always another side.)

Grief is one of the most powerful Goddesses. She swallows your agony and lets it tear her apart. Beautiful birds fly from her belly – each one an insight into life and your power. Grief brings the whole flock to your window and she waits and waits to reveal universal truths to you. She goes to the depths with you. She rises with you...

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Our common ground of suffering (and why not to be star struck)

Something happens when someone moves into the public eye. Other people think Spotlight Person has it all together. They project all sorts of glorified stories on to Spotlight Person.They imagine always-perfect skin, and financial liquidity, and doubt-free endurance.They assume that Spotlight Person with the TV show, or big business, or prestigious position, somehow manages to generally suffer less than the common-folk...

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