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We give what we can, when we can. A very simple story.

I’ve been meeting every month with the same five women for seven years. Goddess Night, we call it. Of course it’s a divine lifeline. And of course, we bring food. When we first started meeting my boy was a newborn and my first company was taking off, and I was five kinds of exhausted. I’d usually show up late to Goddess Night. My contribution to a beautiful potluck spread would be like, a bag of chips. Or half a sack of store bought cookies...

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Reframing "obligations" into empowered choices.

“Obligation” is a heavy duty word. You can hardly squeeze a quarter cup of vitality from it. By it’s very nature, it restrains, binds, and requires obedience. Energetically, “obligation” blows. Strike “obligation”, insert: “choice”. You’ve got free will. All of it is a choice. Even if you have to decide to rise to each committed occasion, you are choosing to be moral, loving, responsible, integrous. No victimhood, no obedience, no torture. Just free will...

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