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Arguing with your inner critic? There’s a much better way.

The first thing to do with that inner critic voice is to have compassion for it. (This is counterintuitive because we live in a performance-based culture that thrives on judgement.) Approach with love—then instead of creating further separation from your heart, you’re building a bridge.

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Making new friends as an adult: Tenderness and expansion.

Making new friends in your 30s, 40s, and onwards—it’s never, EVER too late. Your longing for sisterhood is both primal and divine. Friendship is the medicine. It's the elixir that we need right now, more than ever. Your desire is so HEALTHY. Friendships are my primary religion so here’s what I suggest…

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Are we each other's reflection? Yes. And No.

Are you attracting jerks because you’re a jerk? Maybe. Maybe not. Sometimes the jerk is there to show you how you do NOT want to feel or be treated—because contrast is one of our most powerful teachers. The flipside: what they may be here to illuminate is how you DO want to feel and who you truly are.

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