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You do not need to feel “worthy” of what you want in order to manifest it.

Manifestation is a technology. And like all technologies, I pray we’ll use it appropriately: to generate more loving realities for ourselves and each other. All the material stuff can be fun, and we deserve comfort and ease—without question. But let’s get on with manifesting fresh air, and clean water, and relationships that nourish and heal. And on the way to doing that, self-worth will unfold. We will be manifesting love.

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How present can you be to “negative” feelings?

“Negative” feelings are part of the human experience. There’s no plainer or profound way to put that. To deny the negative feelings is to resist the power of our presence—we miss out on LIFE. Pushing away the darkness can be a precursor to numbing out and all kinds of addiction. We have to lean in, embrace it, even.

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5 Q’s for a LUMINOUS new year in business

On Team D we think of September as the new January, so a few months ago we dove into business-related retrospection and visioning to get free & clear for 2019. Whenever you’re ready to start fresh, I just posted a short how-to for doing a yearly retrospective on the blog. Five laser-focused questions to prep you for a LUMINOUS 2019!

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