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Destroy before you create. So scary. Sooo effective.

Half truths piled on top of half truths do not add up to the whole truth. tweet It’s a just a heap of “not-quite-there-ness.” Grey. Cluttery. If you want satisfaction you have to do the good, hard work of burning down the little lies and resistances. Tear it DOWN.

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What it takes to make good stuff in the world. Creativity, cadence, core desired feelings.

CREATIVITY. CADENCE. CORE DESIRED FEELINGS. What it takes to make good stuff in the world. Notice when your dream has come true. If you're addicted to accomplishing things, you might miss the fact that you've actually accomplished something pretty awesome.

You probably have notebooks of ideas. You may have ideas you haven't told anyone about. There are ideas that the cosmos is waiting to tell YOU about it. Stop. Shhh. Did you hear that? It's your next big idea. Stay still long enough and you'll hear how to make it happen.

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The courage to hit "publish." Book Power Hour MP3 is all here.

We had 2600+ register for the Book Planning Power Hour with Linda Sivertsen and me. We Q&A'd about publishing, ebooks v. print, how to go from 60 subscribers to thousands, and finding an agent that gets you. The questions and live chat overflowed with literary passion...

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Random notes on my writing process

I wrote The Fire Starter Sessions in 6 months. The Desire Map poured out in 3 months (but I didn’t leave the house for those three months. Not even kidding.) I write mostly late at night. I’m diligently trying to changing this habit and write more in the morning. I’m a night owl, so this is problematic. As much as I swear, it’s never fucking gratuitous...

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