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Revelling in the comfort of common ground.

Want to get together and have a conversation about consciousness, unfolding your life, fleshing out your potential? Easy. Set a date. Email some friends and get your own Desire Map Book Club in gear. Virtual clubs are starting to blaze on the phone, Skype, Google Hangouts. Women, and some cool men, committing to get together however they can to get clear on their core desired feelings and truest goals.

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The courage to hit "publish." Book Power Hour MP3 is all here.

We had 2600+ register for the Book Planning Power Hour with Linda Sivertsen and me. We Q&A'd about publishing, ebooks v. print, how to go from 60 subscribers to thousands, and finding an agent that gets you. The questions and live chat overflowed with literary passion...

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Passion over perfection. Love over politics. The Story of Mrs. Mulvey.

I was in a special English class in high school, the one for the word geeks and bookworms. That was me in the front row with big hair and leg warmers, talking Bronte and Shakespeare. Mrs. Mulvey, my English teacher, was on the outside of my teen drama (and there was a lot of drama back then — I left home when I was sixteen), and we rarely spoke out of class, but how she treated me quietly influenced my entire creative career...

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