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The risky business of being sincere in business

I just moved the closing date of a major business deal for astrological reasons. Our lawyers had already dealt with a lot of back n' forthing and a last minute twist/untwist. The finish line was in sight, but I was about to yank it. People might be understandably flummoxed. I could have made an excuse for the switch that sounded more, you know, biz legit….

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A What’s Hot / What’s Not list for your business or career

If you want to get awesome results, you’ve got to get real about what's currently not-so-awesome. In the Desire Map process you begin by going through a gratitude exercise, followed by a dissatisfaction review. It’s the whole picture, with a ton of love and no-sugar coating. In our business, we just started doing a What’s Hot/What's Not check-in. Our Chief of Staff & People Potential, Steph Corker, officially kicked this off on our last big check-in.

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How we run meetings. Get personal. Get down to business. Get it done.

Being a virtual company is mostly all great the freedom, working in your yoga pants with a puppy on your lap or from a hotel room, solitude to create. It's hard to free-flow with a whole team on the phone you can't read people's faces, energy gets trickier, there are awkward pauses. Add the fact that I'm an awful facilitator, and it meant that the team phone meetings were killin' me. I figured out that structure would be our salvation. And it has been. We've definitely evolved from frustration to elation on the team meets.

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Cheap easy. Quality easy. And The Myth of Endurance.

What would your life be like if you only did what was easy? It’s almost unsettling to go there, isn’t it? When I use to try to answer that question for myself I'd squirm a bit. Lazy dilettante. As if. What would I do with all that extra time I’d have if I just did the easy stuff? Hmmm . . . maybe I’d have more time to enjoy what I’ve got and to get more of what I want. Maybe things would be . . . easier...

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Destroy before you create. So scary. Sooo effective.

Half truths piled on top of half truths do not add up to the whole truth. tweet It’s a just a heap of “not-quite-there-ness.” Grey. Cluttery. If you want satisfaction you have to do the good, hard work of burning down the little lies and resistances. Tear it DOWN.

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Coming out of the closet about following your intuition

We work so courageously to hear and heed our intuition, and yet sometimes we lie about following it. We make up "reasons" for our choice that sound more logical and acceptable.

A hunch can be hard to justify to others when the hunch is telling you to choose something other than them.

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