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Don’t freak the f*ck out about Mercury Retrograde—just be conscious of it.

Here’s a supercrash astro course, should you care: Mercury is the planet that governs all types of Communication, as master astrologer Susan Miller elaborates, this includes, “listening, speaking, learning, reading, editing, researching, negotiating, selling, and buying.

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There is nothing passive about “having Faith.” (And how to deal with doubt).

Faith is the “work” in “Light work”. It scrubs and rinses and steadily erases doubt. Faith stays on doubt's ass: I see you. I dissolve you. I replace you with Faith. And then doubt will pop up again. And Faith is right there: Yep, I heard you. I choose faith. Yep, I know the odds, I choose Faith. And because Faith knows the natural order of things, she says to doubt: You'll probably be back later this week. And you might even distract me. But I’ll still choose Faith. No anger, just clarity. No complaints, just pure, fiery resolve.

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