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#TellThemNow. The intimacy of gratitude will blow your life wide open. (+ a Father's Day video that will have you weeping)

One of my least favourite behaviours of mine is withholding love. I'm hugely proud to say that it rarely happens. (If you're going to boast about anything, let it be your capacity for loving.) But it still happens. It's a reservedness that creeps over my usually boundless heart. I tell myself that staying quiet will give me shelter (from what?*), but it isn't shelter at all.

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The moments that make for burning gratitude.

My gratitude for all of this burns in my solar plexus. Sometimes I push against it. I have to consciously breathe it in — choose to expand rather than contract, choose to let it melt any illusions of lack. Mostly, I breathe, and smile deeply, and say Thank you. And then I detach a bit. Because you know, I don't think I have much to do with anyone else's a-ha's. And I just get on with being expressive…grateful…expressive…grateful.

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