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Instant gratification has gotten a bad rap.

Why would you want to delay gratification? Within the constraints of morality and maturity, you should do whatever you need to do to feel gratified in the moment. It may be as subtle as choosing a more positive thought or reminding yourself to smile. Maybe it’s taking two minutes in your car or at your desk to do nothing but fantasize. Maybe instant gratification is fifty sit-ups for an adrenaline rush, ordering dessert first, giving an unexpected hug, signing the lease, or telling your boss to shove it.

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i'm loving: eggs + authenticity

There are many who see honesty as a noble goal within business or personal relationships. Though I think honesty captures the passive and reactive components to the open exchange of ideas, authenticity extends the responsibility to be a proactive representation of your true self. Where honesty has an on/off switch, the ethical center of authenticity requires it to be always on.

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